installation images: Leave the Legs, We Are Arms Roger’s Office, Los Angeles, CA. August 25-September 22, 2018. curated by Brody Albert. (video work by Nathaniel Klein).

, 2018. 8”X10” pigment print mounted on dibond. Image is a digitally cleaned version of a piece of junk mail advertising, depicting a woman enjoying a hot bath, eyes closed.

Faithfull Candle, 1” x 50’, a miniature flickering l.e.d. candle connected to a miniature plug, to a miniature power strip, to an electrical converter and a full-size extension cord.

Both pieces express a compression, an inversion of feeling, and a kind of valiant yet pathetic reaching for “mindfulness.” The materials may be flat and artificial to the extreme, without aura, but still are able to evoke an emotional response.